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Effect of low levels of aflatoxin B1 on performance

Jan 01 2011In the present study the effects on productivity and biochemical parameters and the relative weight of livers suggest that these parameters remain unchanged when toxin levels are relatively low (50 g/kg of dietary AFB 1) at least for a broiler production period of 46 d Get price


Effects of aging on liver microcirculatory function and

Liver samples were fixed in 10% formalin embedded in paraffin sectioned and slides were stained with hematoxylin and eosin (HE) to analyze the hepatic parenchyma (Hide et al 2016) with Masson's trichrome for liver fibrosis evaluation (Gracia‐Sancho et al 2011) with oil red O for lipid quantification or with corresponding antibodies for immunohistochemistry (IHC) or immunofluorescence (IF Marrone et Get price


Manganese and acute paranoid psychosis a case report

Apr 12 2011Manganese regulates many enzymes and is essential for normal development and body function Chronic manganese intoxication has an insidious and progressive course and usually starts with complaints of headache fatigue sleep disturbances irritability and emotional instability Later several organ systems may be affected and due to neurotoxicity an atypical parkinsonian syndrome Get price



one oral study using Sprague-Dawley rats manganese dichloride tetrahydrate was given by stomach tube and the animals were observed for 14 days The LD 50 was calculated to be 1484 mg/kg or 7 5 mmole/kg The manganese concentrations in the liver kidney spleen heart testes brain andGet price


Manganese deposition in basal ganglia structures results

Manganese toxicity had previously been reported in miners after a prolonged exposure to manganese dust resulting in extrapyramidal symptoms resembling Parkinson's disease 27 x 27 Nelson K Golnick J Korn T and Angle C Manganese encephalopathy utility of early magnetic resonance imaging Get price


Summary Conclusion

Summary Conclusion manganese (5 63 ppm) which are important minerals that help in maintenance of normal metabolic pathways The evaluation of anti-oxidant potential of H benghalensis is the first of its kind and helped in identifying the efficient solvent ethanol for extraction of phytoconstituentsGet price


Response of Liver and Heart Trace Elements in Rats to the

create a proper combination of parameters the heart trace element data were subjected to discriminant analysis (11 12) using dietary Zn as a clas-sification variable Discriminant analysis is able to provide a linear combi-nation of original parameters with the highest response to the classification variable (dietary intake of Zn in this case) Get price


Manganese toxicity in the central nervous system the

Manganese (Mn) is an essential trace element that is required for maintaining proper function and regulation of numerous biochemical and cellular reactions Despite its essentiality at excessive levels Mn is toxic to the central nervous system (CNS) Get price


Bioaccumulation and locomotor effects of manganese

Analysis of the biochemical parameters revealed some significant differences in sodium glucose chlorate and urea in the blood of rats exposed to the highest level of Mn mixture (3000 μg/m 3) which can lead to levels that can result in kidney failure (Murry et al 1995) Get price


[PDF] Synergistic role of 3

Manganese (Mn) and bilirubin (BR) induce intrahepatic cholestasis when injected sequentially It was suggested that accumulation of newly synthesized cholesterol in the canalicular membrane is an initial step in the development of cholestasis To clarify the involvement of cholesterol in the pathogenesis of Mn-BR-induced cholestasis we examined biliary secretion and liver subcellular Get price


Preclinical evaluation of MnDPDP new paramagnetic

Maximum liver T1 relaxation enhancement occurred 30 minutes after injection of MnDPDP at which time 54MnDPDP biodistribution studies indicated that 13% of total body activity was in the liver Enhanced (MnDPDP 50 mumol/kg) MR images showed a fivefold increase in tumor-liver contrast-to-noise ratio over baseline unenhanced images Get price


Seabuckthorn berry health benefit side effects sea buckthorn

Increased levels of CRP are a good predictor for the onset of both type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease Petra Larmo from the University of Turku recruited 233 healthy subjects and randomly assigned them to receive sea buckthorn or placebo product for 90 days The daily berry dose was 28 g (frozen sea buckthorn berry puree) Get price


Toxic Effect of Acute Cadmium and Lead Exposure in Rat

smelting and mining manufacturing of batteries pigments and ceramic are well-known emitters of The importance of the evaluation of "cocktail effects" has been summarized in the hematological and biochemical parameters and redox status in the plasma liver and kidneys of Int J Environ Res Get price



The impact of long term exposure to the effluent was also evaluated through changes of selected biochemical parameters using the 20% 10% 5% and 2 5% of the 96-h LC 50 value for 42 days the parameters measured are glucose total protein cholesterol albumin and globulin Get price


Effects of Manganese Exposure on Blood Iron Indices in

Effects of Manganese Exposure on Blood Iron Indices in Miners of Iran Manganese Mines Co (Qom) This research was done at Iran manganese mines-Qom located in 20 kilometers far from Qom In this cross-sectional study fifty six miners were chosen randomly by filling questionnaire and testimonial form Rabiee M Evaluation of liver Get price



Very high manganese is associated with a form of schizophrenia or detachment if mild and other anti-social and at times violent behaviors Manganese miners are subject to a condition called manganese madness Psychopathic murderers were found to have high levels of hair manganese as reported in Toxic Metal Syndrome by Casdorph and Walker Get price


Acute Effect of Nanosilver to Function and Tissue Liver of

This study was performed to investigate the effect of different nanosilver concentrations on biochemical parameters such as Serum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase (SGOT) and Serum Glutamic-pyruvic Transaminase (SGPT) at various time points (2 7 and 14 days) After 14 days the tissue of liver and lung were collected and investigated Get price


Evaluation of Liver Biochemical Parameters in

Samples were used to evaluation not only biochemical parameters by pars azmoon kits but also Mn concentration by mass spectroscopy ud Results Manganese concentration in all miners in addition to blood AST ALT ALP increased significantly (p0 001) related to controls Get price


Trace Elements and Metals

Jun 04 2019Manganese is a trace element that exists in many metal-enzyme complexes and metalloenzymes either as a bivalent (Mn2+) or trivalent (Mn3+) ion Manganese functions in enzyme activation and is present in superoxide reductases ligases hydrolases kinases transferases and Get price



Manganese enzymes are particularly essential in detoxification of superoxide free radicals in organisms that must deal with elemental oxygen Manganese also functions in the oxygen-evolving complex of photosynthetic plants While the element is a required trace mineral for all known living organisms it also acts as a neurotoxin in larger amounts Get price


Concentrations of strontium barium cadmium copper zinc

In this study the concentrations of strontium (Sr) barium (Ba) cadmium (Cd) copper (Cu) zinc (Zn) manganese (Mn) chromium (Cr) antimony (Sb) selenium (Se) and lead (Pb) were measured in the liver renal cortex and renal medulla of 21 horses (8 male 13 aged between 5 months-28 years) using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry Get price



Objective To find the quick sensitive and stable criterion to evaluate the optimal dietary manganese (Mn) level for broilers Method Broilers aged 0-3 w were fed diets supplemented with different levels of Mn as inorganic Mn Growth performance tissue Mn contents and MnSOD activity and MnSOD mRNA level in heart mitochondria of broilers were determined Get price


Effects of Manganese Mining on Water Quality in the

Abstract One of the world's richest manganese (Mn) deposits and largest Mn mining areas lies in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains near the city of Chiatura in the Republic of Georgia This study was an initial evaluation of the effects of Mn mining on water quality in the Chiatura region Seven river and stream locations (three on the Kvirila River and four on tributaries) five untreatedGet price


Arinola OG Nwozo SO Ajiboye JA Oniye AH Evaluation of

A total of 120 subjects (89 male and 31 ) comprising 60 artisan miners resident in the mining area (37 40 9 08 years) and 60 control subjects (35 30 9 59yrs) were randomly recruited into the study Plasma levels of renal parameters and liver enzymes were Get price


Evaluation of the Potential Impact of Age

FIG 2 Blood concentrations as a function of age for (A) TCDD for continuous oral exposure of males (solid line) or females (dashed line) at a constant daily intake of 1 ng/kg/d and (B) nicotine and its metabolite cotinine for continuous oral exposure to nicotine at a constant daily intake of 1 μg/kg/d Get price


Neuropathology of Manganese

Manganese toxicity has also been described in patients with liver failure presumably reflecting an inability of the liver to clear the normal dietary load of manganese and in patients receiving long-term parenteral nutrition presumably due to the direct systemic administration of a high manganese-containing nutritional product Get price



Miners with chronic manganese exposure have encephalopathy and extra-pyramidal features similar to HE It has been postulated that manganese impairs neuronal oxidative metabolism The role of manganese in the pathogenesis of HE and the possibility of its chelation as treatment need further study [Indian Gastroenterol Key words Cirrhosis of liverGet price


Zinc copper manganese and iron in chronic alcoholic

We have recorded (at admission of the patients to the hospital) the clinical parameters listed in Table 4 Biochemical parameters include those of a routinary labo- ratory evaluation (prothrombin activity serum albumin and total proteins BUN creatinine glycaemia cholesterol triglycer- ides aspartate and alanine aminotransferases alkaline phos- phatase gammaglutamyltranspeptidase plattelet and leukocyte Get price


Nutritional Evaluation of Milk Bush (Thevetia neriifolia

the liver and kidney when compared with the control group as shown in Table 9 Catalases are enzymes that catalyze the conversion of hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen using either iron or manganese cofactor (Chelikani et al 2004) Table 1 Proximate analysis and physico-chemical properties of Thevetia neriifolia seed oil Get price


Acute enteral manganese intoxication with hepatic failure

demand and mitochondria such as brain liver kidney pan-creas and bone as well as in highly pigmented tissue 23 Manganese toxicity has been reported in human beings and in experimental animal models 28 Chronic Mn intoxica-tion (manganism) due to prolonged inhalation of Mn dust or fumes in miners welders or battery manufacturers histori-Get price

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